Antonio Gavrila: Tango Suite Buenos Aires

Bucharest-based Romanian pianist and composer Antonio Gavrila (Florin-Anton Gavrila) ventures into Piazzolla-style tango nuevo


To a great degree, this disc, containing eight examples of the nuevo tango style, falls outside the JJ remit but why not delve into the land of Astor Piazzolla, who achieved world-wide fame for updating the music heritage of his homeland? His music has been covered by many jazz players.

Gavrila, based in Bucharest, admits to being influenced by the Piazzolla and Pablo Ziegler; therefore, him teaming up with three locals associated with the latter made a lot of sense.

The pianist’s playing is bold throughout, clearly buoyed up by the skills offered by his fellow musicians whose grasp of the language goes back many years. If a potential listener is looking for improvisation, then they will be disappointed but there is plenty of momentum to cling onto, not to mention a clear empathy between the visitor and the veterans. Not jazz, then, but a fine example of the rhythmically and harmonically related tango genre.

Michelangelo 70; Introducción Al Angel; Prelude En La Noche; Amor Sin Palabras; Tristeza; Nuevos Tiempos; Nostalgico; Todo Piazzolla (34.32)
Antonio Gavrila (p); Walther Castro (bnd); Quique Sinesi (g); Horacio “Mono” Hurtado (b). Buenos Aires, 5-10 June 2023.
Zoho ZM 202309