Monika Herzig’s Sheroes: Eternal Dance

In brief:
"Usually drawing on contemporary jazz and pop among source materials, Sheroes here perform mostly originals, with all the music subtly blending styles and forms"

Born in Germany, which is where she first studied, Herzig has been primarily resident in the US since the late 1980s. There, she studied at Indiana University where she later became a faculty member. She has performed and recorded with various groups, including BeebleBrox and her own Acoustic Project. Recently, she has been leader of Sheroes, the quintet that is heard here.

Joining the core group are guitarist Leni Stern (on four tracks), alto saxophonist Lakecia Benjamin (two tracks), cellist Akua Dixon (two tracks) and percussionist Mayra Casales (two tracks).


Usually drawing on contemporary jazz and pop among source materials, Sheroes here perform mostly originals, with all the music subtly blending styles and forms. The originals are Herzig’s Eternal Dance, Fly High, Fall In Reading, Memories Of Petra and Dear Geri, which is dedicated to fellow jazz pianist Geri Allen, Stern’s Rabbit, Baum’s Seas Of Change and Regev’s Up In The Sky (on which the trombonist also sings).

For the non-originals, Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child and the Queen and David Bowie songs, the use of different time signatures and skilful arranging brings a pleasing sense of novelty to otherwise familiar music.

Always interesting and expertly performed, this album should appeal to all who enjoy contemporary jazz.

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We Are The Champions; Eternal Dance; Dear Geri; Rabbit; Fly High; We Can Be (S)Heroes; Fall In Reading; Seas Of Change; Sometimes I Feel Like A Motherless Child; Up In The Sky; Memories Of Petra (66.50)
Herzig (p); Reut Regev (tb); Jamie Baum (f); Jennifer Vincent (b); Rosa Avila (d) and others. Teaneck NJ. 26-28 September 2019.
Savant SCD 2182

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