Eliel Lazo, Yasser Pino, Raul Pineda: Cuban Jazz Report


Planted within the current sound of contemporary Afro-Cuban music, this four-piece ensemble have reunited after six years to deliver their first album together, Cuban Jazz Report. The band originally received notable recognition when conga player Eliel Lazo introduced Cuban Nights – bringing original Cuban music to stages across Copenhagen. This apparently sparked a popular rise in the music, spreading across Denmark and throughout Europe.

Many tracks on this album include unified voices layered over the complexity of Cuban rhythms, a rather fitting inclusion with such communal music. For me, La Caminadora stands out; with its jazz-driven extended harmony and heartfelt vocals provided by Lazo, this composition brings an intimate touch to their collective sound.

An array of colour and tones decorate this album. In all, it presents a fresh incorporation of clave-based rhythms from Afro-Cuban traditions, with the addition of jazz harmony and distinctive improvisation, providing listeners with a 21st century approach to Cuban music. One can imagine that this ensemble would be great to watch live – their music ought to please all audience members.

Havana Chants; Cromason; La Caminadora; A Cuban Blues; Nuevo Amanecer; Para Luisa; One Night One Song; Monday Evening; Camina Y Ve; Yo Soy (56.35)
Javier “Caramelo de Cuba” Masso Javier (p); Yasser Morejón Pino (b); Raul Pineda (d); Eliel Lazo (perc, v). Madrid, 2019.
Stunt Records 19072