Chris Ingham and Joanna Eden: A Fireside Christmas II

The duo were back for another virtual Christmas show with honed presentation, fresh material and the usual audience interaction

Chris Ingham and Joanna Eden, Christmas 2021

Virtually a year to the day after their initial virtual Christmas gig the duo were back in Chris’s Suffolk bailiwick for a new edition with new material and a hundred per cent improvement on last year.

In the interim they have honed their presentation and now they sound like nothing so much as Bing and Satchmo schmoozing in between takes on something like Gone Fishin’. Given the title it was hardly surprising that Christmas songs dominated but these were not so much the usual suspects as less well-known and/or newer material such as Winter Song and So Many Santas.

Joanna is something of a Renaissance Woman and several of her own compositions were featured throughout the evening whilst midway through the second set she accompanied herself on the piano as Chris grabbed a beer. They even found time to nod to lyricist Leslie Bricusse, who of course passed away this year and again they elected to go for lesser-known selections from Dr. Doolittle and Willy Wonka.

As with last year streamers were encouraged to comment on the hoof and from time to time Joanna would read these aloud although they were also displayed clearly alongside the images. Once again they were favourable in the extreme, proof, if proof were needed, that these streamings from Suffolk have found a place in the hearts of a discerning public.