Julian & Roman Wasserfuhr: Relaxin’ in Ireland


The Wasserfuhr brothers have a knack for finding musical inspiration in people and places. This set was recorded during their recent sojourn on the Emerald Isle.

They dispense with a traditional rhythm section in search of a more intimate and communal mode of improvisation, and each piece in this immaculate collection is imbued with the light airiness and seductive melodic hooks that so typify traditional Irish music. Brinkmann’s cello occasionally seems poised to launch into a reel, though in truth there is scarcely the slightest hint of Blarney pastiche to be heard here.

Respectful homage is paid to two celebrated local songsmiths on Van Morrison’s “Moondance” and Gilbert O’Sullivan’s “Clair”, while that near ubiquitous sea shanty pondering the plight of the drunken sailor is cleverly recast as lustrous chamber jazz.

If you’ve previously enjoyed the folk-inflected jazz of Neil Yates or pine for Tim Garland’s Lammas, this gently uplifting set won’t disappoint.

Cello Bello; Drunken Sailor (trad); Lettercollum; Moondance; Knot in the Belly; Moon Over Ireland; Später Bess; Clair; Schnaff; Tears; Lost in Time; You Are a Friend of Mine (55.00)
Julian Wasserfuhr (t, flh); Roman Wasserfuhr (p); Jörg Brinkmann (clo). West Cork, Ireland, 25-17 June 2018.
ACT Music 9873