Constant Stranger: Constant Stranger


In this quietly intense trio, plus guests, bassist Martin Nevin stands out for his stalwart and always interesting contributions, whether delivering vital pizzicato interruptions or just when he is laying down the essential foundations on which the rest of the trio operates.

It is to his lines that you are always drawn, but pianist Richard Sears is likewise arresting while Guilhem Flouzat is insistent without ever being overbearing.

The two saxophonists add colour and depth to six of the 10 tracks. Composition honours are shared equally around the trio, but this is a collective effort that surprises in its depths and contrasts.

Buried Echo; Fairy Tale; By and By; A Presence Known; Little Fugitive; Interlude; Directions From a Madman; Goldfish; Porque No; Sap Rising (39.58)
Richard Sears (p), Martin Nevin (b), Guilhem Flouzat (d); plus Dayna Stephens (ts), Sam Gendel (as). Los Angeles, 8, 11 August 2017.
Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 558