Where’s the mainstream?


    I have been a reader of Jazz Journal on and off since 1957, and regularly since 1980. I enjoy it, but the whole jazz scene seems to have changed. Out of 70 or so record reviews in any month there are hardly any which are of classic traditional, mainstream or big band content. Are all up and coming new jazz performers locked into small groups possibly with a tenor saxophone or a vocalist? Are there no new jazz performers with a classical style?

    Before I came overseas in 2013, I would regularly hear Hugh Rainey and his band from his club in Essex. Their club description included the words ” traditional jazz and swing, that’s the thing!”. I would add to that modern jazz evoking the golden years of the 1950s.

    Is there anything that can be done to draw today’s new classical performers into the the forefront of recording or performance?

    Ralph Scott, VIC, Australia