Majamisty TriO: Wind Rose

Serbian pianist leads trio and guests in a lyrical, melodic set that includes originals and a cover of U2's With Or Without You


Following the success of their previous three albums – Mistyland in 2011, Love in 2014, and Organic in 2020 – Majamisty TriO are back, gracing the European jazz scene with a fourth studio album, Wind Rose

Leading the trio is Serbian pianist Maja Alvanovic, who reminds us of her exceptional talent from the very first track, The City Of Jewels. The lyrical melodies mixed with the element of natural spontaneity create a fusion between jazz and romanticism. Particularly striking is her skill for melodic development; the melodies evolve subtly and elegantly, and within their own time. I certainly do not feel rushed when listening to this album.

Accompanying Alvanovic are bassist Ervin Malina and drummer Lav Kovac. I like the natural way these musicians interact with each other, and their collaboration is definitely enriching: Kovac’s rhythmic nuances, mixed with Malina’s pizzicatos and arco solos, create a balanced backdrop for Alvanovic’s dream-like improvisations. I especially liked the cover of U2’s With Or Without You, and through their interactions, the musicians capture the essence of the song whilst also adding their own unique touch.

Adding more interest to the album are guest appearances by vocalist Aneta George and clarinettist Ulrich Drechsler. My Father’s New Guitar, composed by Alvanovic’s father, Blaza Alvanovic, is a delicate and diverse sound world which explores the timbres of each instrument. I really enjoyed this slower track, and the elegant interactions between the musicians.

With Wind Rose, Majamisty TriO have proven again that successful jazz can be lyrical and elegant. The effortless touch that the trio bring to their compositions, especially Alvanovic’s expressive melodies, make for an enchanting listen. I would definitely recommend this album for those needing escape.

The City Of Jewels; Passarola; Echoes; Green Room; With Or Without You; My Father’s New Guitar; Long Embrace; Wind Rose (50.00)
Maja Alvanovic (p); Ervin Malina (b); Lav Kovac (d), with Aneta George (v) tracks 3, 6, 7, 8; Ulrich Drechsler (bcl) tracks 3, 6, 7, 8. Studio Kachara, Bukovac, October 2021.
Mistyland 005