Marcin Wasilewski Trio and Joe Lovano: Arctic Riff


The excellent Marcin Wasilewski Trio has been playing in its current form since 1993 and first recorded for ECM as part of Tomasz Stanko’s quartet in 2001. Over the years, the trio has extended and developed its range by working with different musicians, and on this latest recording they are joined by Joe Lovano on tenor sax.

It’s an interesting combination, bringing out the usual space and restraint that characterises Wasilewski’s exploration of the trio setting. Lovano weaves his sound in to bring out different textures and moods, and as a set it works really well.

As if setting up the exploratory nature of the collaboration, the opener – Glimmer Of Hope, finds Wasilewski gently opening the way for Lovano to make his mark on the music, and from there we’re off on a journey of exploration between quite different musicians.

Soulful ballads and some delicate bass and drumming sit alongside Lovano’s more direct style of delivery. In lesser hands, this might not have worked, but here there is a sense of curiosity, respect and understanding between all concerned as the album develops.

The finale – Old Hat, feels absolutely right as a way to conclude this interesting partnership and meeting of different styles, a lovely little ballad from Wasilewski that tips a wink to Lovano’s favoured headgear.

Glimmer Of Hope; Vashkar; Cadenza; Fading Sorrow; Arco; Stray Cat Walk; L’Amour Fou; A Glimpse; Vashakar (var); On The Other Side; Old Hat (62.37)
Lovano (ts); Wasilewski (p); Slawomir Kurkiewicz (b); Michal Miskiewicz (d). Pernes-les-Fontaines, August 2019.
ECM 083 5983