JJ 06/64: Ernest Ranglin – Wranglin’

Sixty years ago Sinclair Traill hailed the arrival in the UK of 'a highly original guitarist', one of the early signings to Island Records. First published in Jazz Journal June 1964


This highly original guitarist hails from Jamaica, whence he came some months ago. Possessed of a highly trained technique, he plays with great melodic fervour and a sure rhythmic lilt. He gets a lovely tone from his instrument, very reminiscent at times, of the playing of those wonderful guitarists of the ’thirties, Lang, Kress or McDonough.

His harmonic approach is, of course, much more modern, everything he does fits perfectly into the jazz mould and he has the important ability of making everything he does come alive.

His solos build beautifully to climax after climax, with a great swing underlying everything he does. His lyric approach on such tunes as Just In Time is very effective, this being a track one can play time and again and still find something new with each playing.

The backing by bass and drums is nicely recorded and musically could not be bettered.

Linstead Market; Angelina; Tonight (20½ min) – Wranglin’; Reflections; Just In Time
Ernest Ranglin (g); Allan Ganley (d); Malcolm Cecil (bs). Ronnie Scott’s Club, London, 1964.
(Island ILP 909 12inLP 29s. 11d.)