JJ 08/80: Allan Holdsworth & Gordon Beck – The Things You See

Forty years ago Barry McRae found the virtuoso guitar and piano duo a "potent partnership". First published in Jazz Journal August 1980

Two outstanding musicians do not always make a good duo combination. Here they do. The only adverse comment one must make is that such good players should have to go to Paris to record this album.

Beck has been on the scene longer than Holdsworth, but they make a potent partnership. There is real authority in the pianist’s current work, and it is particularly well captured here on titles like Golden Lakes, She’s Lookin’ and the title track.


Holdsworth is an inventive player and his partly unaccompanied solo on Diminished is a stand-out. He also has a well tailored solo to fit She’s Lookin’ and throughout manages to produce clean cut lines that create a personal mood without upsetting the duo’s balance.

Golden Lakes; Stop Fiddlin’; The Things You See; Diminished Responsibility (20.15) – She’s Lookin’, I’m Cookin’; At The Edge; Up Country (19.30)
Allan Holdsworth (g/elg/v); Gordon Beck (p/elp). Paris, December 1979 – January 1980.
(Disques J MS 09)


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