JJ 02/60: Tony Crombie: Man From Interpol

First published in Jazz Journal February 1960


I have never advocated the release of music written specifically for films. It is too often fragmentary, as in this case, and when divorced from the medium for which it is written it usually becomes formless and boring.

Those of you who heard this series on TV may wish to hear the music again but it has nothing much to do with jazz. Nearly all the tracks are obviously writ­ten for specific scenes – “Interpol Chase”, “Eastern Journey” and “Night Prowl” for instance – and, without the picture, they become quite meaningless.

There are one or two quite good solo spots, but they are not enough to make this interesting enough for the average jazz fan. The sleeve notes are also singularly uninformative and do not even list the personnel.
Peter Tanner

Man From Interpol; Interpol Cha Cha Cha; Mood Italiano; Eastern Journey; Breezy Capers; Panic Stations; Tuba Theme; Beguine Portent; Interpol Chase; Commercial Split No. 1 (17 min.) – Commercial Split No. 2; Slow Beat; Blues Mac­abre; Oriental Parade; Escape To Hawaii; Matilda Theme; Night Prowl; Samba De Janeiro; Bolero; End Theme, “Man From Interpol” (16 min.)
Top Rank 35/043. 12inLP. 35s.