Marta Sánchez: El Rayo De Luz


A noted composer, Marta Sánchez is from Madrid and her music, although couched in terms of contemporary jazz, occasionally hints at her cultural origins. This is very much a collaborative venture and although Sánchez is a pianist (and a very good one indeed), this music is designed to display the talents of all the instrumentalists. In particular, the writing spotlights the two saxophonists, both of whom solo well and where appropriate lend support to their fellows.

None of the material is simple, but no matter how complex it is, the skills of all cope readily. Importantly, neither the compositions nor the skilful playing are applied simply for effect even though both Chris Cheek and Roman Filiu are virtuoso players. Demands are also placed on the rhythm section but Sánchez, Rosato and Dor all accommodate the complexities with flair. Often impressionistic, some of the ensemble passages suggest that the music heard is a collective improvisation rather than composed.

Technically demanding music can sometimes be beyond the comprehension of non-musician listeners but here the writing and playing is such that it provides a stimulating and rewarding experience.

Cascadas; Parmesano; Nenufar; El Cambio; El Rayo De Luz; I Will Miss You; Dead Flowers; Unchanged (47.36)
Sánchez (p); Roman Filiu (as); Chris Cheek (ts); Rick Rosato (b); Daniel Dor (d). NYC, 12-13 June 2019.
Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 587