Agnar Mar Magnusson/Lage Lund: Hending


The Icelandic Magnusson (b. 1974) and the Norwegian Lund (b. 1978) are well known figures on the New York scene – Magnusson studied there with Larry Goldings – but both have retained a strong feeling for elements of their countries’ folk traditions.

This is the eighth album under Magnusson’s name: the music was recorded at Systems 2 in Brooklyn but with the exception of the concluding, strongly swinging “Bekkur” has little Big Apple heat to it.

An even-paced c. 50 minutes programme of largely reflective, clean-lined Magnusson pieces is lit up by lucid lines from Lund, at times a touch reminiscent of early Pat Metheny.

Magnusson (p); Lunde (elg). 2018.
DIM 78