Various: Boom! Italian Jazz Soundtracks At Their Finest (1959-1969)

Compilation featuring Chet Baker, Gato Barbieri and Ennio Morricone combines insights into Italian postwar culture with some good jazz


Taken from CAM Sugar’s extensive archive of over 2000 soundtracks, Boom! is a diverse 33-track compilation of remastered Italian jazz classics from the 1950s and 60s, including 11 previously unreleased soundtracks.

During World War II, the fascist regime banned jazz from Italy. Italians were forced to listen to the genre secretly, through records smuggled in from the United States or through the BBC’s Radio Londra broadcasts. But following the fall of Mussolini, Italian jazz made its breakthrough and dominated Italian screens during the 1950s and 60s.

Jazz came to be the soundtrack of Italy in its economic boom, and represented the country’s industrial, social and cultural transformation following the war. Hot clubs started opening across the country’s bustling cities – venues where Italians could listen to the new flowering of jazz.

Compiled by Pierpaolo De Santis, this CD features scores by 19 composers including Luis Bacalov, Luiz Bonfá and Ennio Morricone as well as music from the film Il Postino, which won an Oscar for best original score. A wide range of superb Italian musicians from the 50s and 60s are heard, including Gianni Basso on saxophone and Nunzio Rotondo on trumpet. Chet Baker also features, as well as Gato Barbieri.

This set presents a diverse yet coherent historical insight into an important period for Italian culture and for jazz as well as a range of well-played music to be enjoyed for itself. 

Notte In Algeria; Oggi In Africa; Agosto Jazz; Jumping; Ora Di Punta; Il Sorpasso (Titoli – Ripresa); Notti D’Amore A Tokyo; Il Vedovo Bianco; Tensione; Frenesia Dell’estate (Titoli); Coppia In Crisi; Your Smile; Il Treno Rosa; Gardenia; In Fondo Alla Notte; La Strega In Amore (Titoli); 7 Monaci D’Ora (Titoli); Il Raggio Infernale (Titoli); Perry Scott Blues; Sexy Lucy; Allegre Notti; Il Nero – M1; Night Blues; Miniswing Orientale; Agente 077 – Sfida Ai Killers (Titoli); Le Notti Della Violenza (Titoli); Gangsters; Giallo Club; Il Batticuore; Concorso Per Giovani Attrici; Milano Blues; Atmosfera Di Night; Dea Di Un Sogno (Versione Tromba E Organo) (69.00)
Various artists, including Oscar Valdambrini, Chet Baker, Enrico Rava, Nunzio Rotondo (t); Gianni Basso, Gato Barbieri (s); Gino Marinacci (f); Luiz Bonfá (g); Nora Orlandi (v); Gegé Munari (d).
Cam Sugar 922712