Guillaume Vierset & Harvest Group: Lightmares

Belgian guitarist leads soprano saxophone, cello and rhythm in a generally reserved mixture of light rock and reflection


In an album full of poetic meaning and stylistic experimentation, Belgian guitarist Guillaume Vierset leads Harvest Group for their third project together. It might seem a bit dated now, but the title is a play on words between the nightmare that has been Covid, and the glimmer of hope that light may be found at the end of the tunnel. The album situates itself between day and night, light and shadow, reality and dream.

Accompanied by Mathieu Robert on soprano saxophone, Marine Horbaczweski on cello, Yanni Peeters on double bass and Yves Peeters on drums, Vierset strives to create music that is “as lively as possible”, and that moves away from the traditional methods of jazz with which he is already extremely familiar.

From the progressive rock style of the guitar in tracks such as Sleep / Wake Up and Wake Up / Sleep to the classical-pop fusion of the guitar and cello in I Hope and the mellow improvisations on the saxophone in I Wish, musical experimentation and stylistic freedom are at the heart of this album. Although it’s been done before, the fusion between acoustic and electronic instruments sounds relatively fresh and creative.

While stylistic diverse, the album is still coherent: The 10 original compositions are almost like a suite, a continuous musical sound world where each piece evolves naturally from the one before. Listening to the album chronologically and in its entirety would be rewarding. 

Sleep / Wake Up; Lightmares; I Wish; I Hope; Day One; Open Your Eyes; Wake Up / Sleep; Sunrise; End of the Day / Night (32.00)
Vierset (elg); Mathieu Robert (ss); Marine Horbaczweski (clo); Yanni Peeters (b); Yves Petters (d).
Igloo Records IGL337