Nordal Twang featuring Fredrik Lundin: The Blue Hour

Danish group combine modern jazz with psychedelic fusion, rock, free-form and delicate soundscape, hinting at Brecker and Scofield


The third album from Danish group Nordal Twang, who take their name from bandleader and guitarist Jesper Nordal, sees the group joined by guest saxophonist Fredrik Lundin. It combines modern jazz and rock, with an experimental twist.

For the opening track, titled Hymn, the ensemble launch into a reverb-soaked onslaught, as Lundin’s saxophone plays the main melody, backed by an intense rhythm section and gritty electric guitar, before a psychedelic fusion solo from Nordal. The second track offers a different atmosphere entirely, with a delicate soundscape of soft guitar and warm bass underpinning the saxophone, while ethereal electronics whirl in the distance, ultimately building to a rich crescendo.

The title track takes a clean guitar melody over gentle percussion from drummer Jesper Uno Kofoed and a reserved bass-line, and slowly builds to a bluesy solo. On Waves, a free-form beginning with shimmering electronics and sporadic percussion gives way to a driving guitar riff, quickly joined with a simple, energetic saxophone melody before another soaring guitar solo.

On the penultimate track, Double Bass, bassist Esben Eyermann plays in unison with Nordal, and as the pair are joined by the rest of the ensemble, guitar leading alongside saxophone through an angular, melancholy piece. There is a lot to enjoy on The Blue Hour, as Nordal Twang mix genres with great skill, while maintaining a unique sound. Interesting and varied, the album will suit fans of modern jazz, experimental and rock.

Hymn; Little Choice; Intro II; Companion; The Blue Hour; April; Quiet Zone; Waves; Double Bass; Daydream (44.55)
Jesper Nordal (elg, g); Esben Eyermann (b, elb); Jesper Uno Kofoed (d, pc); Fredrik Lundin (ts); August Wanngren (tb). Copenhagen, no date.
Gateway Music