Cool Sweetness Sextet: Shoehorn Shuffle

Danish sextet follows the sound of West Coast cool with flair and fluency, evoking Fagerquist, Cohn, Brookmeyer, Getz and more


Anders Jacobsen’s Danish sextet takes their inspiration from the sound of West Coast cool of the 50s. Trumpeter Marten Lundgren evokes memories not only of the great Don Fagerquist but also that fine Swedish trumpeter Jan Allan on Bob Brookmeyer’s Open Country. With his rich lower register he impresses again on Nancy as does Jens Sondergaard who has obviously listened to Al Cohn.

The leader opens Limehouse Blues with the seldom heard verse leading to a tightly voiced theme statement from the horns creating a most impressive ensemble sound. Guitarist Pelle Von Bulow gets an attractive sound from his equipment here displaying a lyrical Ron Eschete influence.

December Rain is notable for the contrapuntal interplay from Lundgren and Sondergaard recalling the early West Coast scene. That stimulating device almost ignored today is also heard on Shoehorn Shuffle this time featuring Jacobsen and Sondergaard – two musicians quite obviously listening to one another just like Brookmeyer and Stan Getz used to do. Incidentally there is a hint of Struttin’ With Some Barbecue along the way.

The cute Blue Daniel, of course, is one of Frank Rosolino’s best-known originals and is notable for the leader’s intimate chorus with just Von Bulow’s sympathetic guitar for company.

Hats off to Anders Jacobsen who not only wrote all the arrangements but also contributed some very effective originals.

Open Country; Nancy; Limehouse Blues; Wintersaga; December Rain; Blue Daniel; Shoehorn Shuffle; Who Can I Turn To?; Serenade To T.D.P.J.I.H.M.; Red Rubberboat; September Hymn (50.42)
Marten Lundgren (t); Anders Jacobsen (tb); Jens Sondergaard (ts); Pelle Von Bulow (elg); Ole Skipper (b); Aage Tanggaard (d). Copenhagen, Denmark, 22 September 2021.
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