Anna Lundqvist & Jonas André: Reunion

In brief:
"With its mix of covers and original compositions, the album offers personal interpretations from a wide array of genres in the jazz and pop worlds"

It’s been 20 years since Anna Lundqvist and Jonas André last found themselves making music together. Reunion was a chance for them to regain that musical partnership and create what they first thought they possessed.

Lundqvist originally led her own quintet and recently became a lecturer in music in Lisbon whilst André has since been a photographer, art director and worked with Caprice Records as a producer.


The opening piece sets the scene for the next 10 compositions – we instantly understand the atmosphere being created by these two talents. The second track, written by pianist André, demonstrates his ability to naturally switch between comfortably accompanying Lundqvist and developing his own creative melodies. His performance features an extensive wash of pedal on the piano and a variety in dynamics.

Then comes a piece by Kenny Wheeler titled For Jan, heavily influenced by My Favourite Things. Lundqvist’s intonation is accurate and well executed and comes across beautifully. André is never afraid to step out of the limelight and provide a grounding for vocal improvisation. The track concludes in a sweet and meaningful manner with both musicians creating a neat outro.

From Major To Minor is haunting and captivating. Again, the sense of rubato and the understanding of each other’s direction is noticeable. The penultimate piece sees André switch to electric keyboard to perform Joni Mitchell’s Black Crow. The arrangement combines improvised melodies with rhythmic stabs executed in unison. The album draws to a close with a cover of The Nearness Of You which is carefully controlled in a colla voce style.

With its mix of covers and original compositions, the album offers personal interpretations from a wide array of genres in the jazz and pop worlds. Its lyrical narrations of love, life and longing are soundly placed in the melancholic Nordic style.

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Just Sometimes; Vocatio; For Jan; From Major To Minor; Soul Stretch; Pearl; Ocean And Sand; Hello. Goodbye.; Moving In Me; Black Crow; The Nearness Of You (53.48)
Anna Lundqvist (v); Jonas André (p).
Prophone Records PCD228

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