Le Trio Joubran: The Long March


The Long March is the sixth album of Le Trio Joubran, and is said to represent a “landmark and a new landscape in their musical convictions”.

Through their playing of the Arabic lute (the oud), they honour the struggles and oppression of indigenous peoples around the world and affirm that their music should be a part of the struggle of the Palestinian people for recognition and liberation.

The trio co-wrote the track “Carry the Earth” with the former Pink Floyd bassist, Roger Waters and dedicated it to four young cousins who were killed whilst playing football on Gaza Beach.

The title track “The Long March” is from a poem by the Mahmoud Darwish. Mesmerising and thought provoking in equal measure.

Samir Joubran, Wissam Joubran, Adnan Joubran (oud/Arabic lute). Paris, 2018.
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