Théo Girard Quartet: Bulle


Théo Girard, Antoine Berjeaut and Sebastian Rochford originally came together as the Théo Girard Trio a few years ago, releasing 30 Years From in 2017. Since then the three-piece has been joined by Basile Naudet and the band now trades as the Théo Girard Quartet, performing bassist Girard’s original compositions on this, the quartet’s first album.

Girard and Rochford are a constantly inventive duo, whether they are establishing the bouncy swing of Champagne or tackling the wildness of Fire Alert. Girard has a full, deep, tone and a penchant for rapid-fire lines that cascade from his fingertips. Rochford, well known to jazz audiences for his role in bands such as Polar Bear and Sons of Kemet, is a constantly intriguing player.

Both bassist and drummer are capable of grabbing the attention with powerful rhythms or subtle and barely-perceptible patterns: their work on Endless Groove is possibly the best example of their interplay. Altoist Naudet and trumpeter Berjeaut take full advantage of this talented pairing, sometimes in unison (notably on the disquieting Des Souvenirs De Vous), sometimes launching into fiery solos. A promising recording debut for this new quartet.

Champagne; Des Souvenirs De Vous; Rototown; Fire Alert; Grandes Dames; Roller Coaster; Endless Groove; Microsillon (40.00)
Basile Naudet (as); Antoine Berjeaut (t); Girard (b); Sebastian Rochford (d). No place or date of recording given, probably France.
Discobole Records SD032019