JJ 09/92: Orphy Robinson – When Tomorrow Comes

Thirty years ago, Barry McRae reviewed the vibist's Blue Note set including Roland Sutherland, Joe Bashorun and Winston Clifford. First published in Jazz Journal September 1992


This is a good album that I expected to be very much better. The compositions are pleasing but far from memorable and the arrangements come over as strangely dated when one con­siders those responsible.

Most club and festival goers will have heard Sutherland play with more invention than he manages on Jigsaw and Bad Means Beautiful here, while Robinson, unques­tionably a creative soloist, con­tinues to suggest that he is not a natural swinger. His busy lines are cleverly wrought but, as he shows in live performance, they do cling somewhat obviously to the pulse.

Bashorun is a tower of strength, powerful in ensemble or solo sup­port and assertive in his own excellent solo outings. Jegede’s kora is delightfully presented if a trifle cutesy and the rhythm sec­tion functions well in the staid fusion manner. There is much more talent in this group than is apparent here.

All At Sixes And Sevens; The Bass Of Bad Intentions; Jigsaw; Let’s See What Tomorrow Brings; Back To First Bass; Bad Means Beauti­ful; Jigsaw (Reprise) (59.10)
Roland Sutherland; (f/pic); Orphy Robinson (vib/m/pc); Tunde Jegede (kora/cio); Joe Bashorun (p/key); Dudley Phillips (b/elb); Winston Clifford (d/pc). Oslo, October 11, 12 & 13, 1991.
(Blue Note CDP 7985812)