Dave Allen: The Sky Above Her


The name might trigger memories of an Irish comedian for some readers, but there’s little humour in this music.

Allen has chops to burn like every member of this quintet, but their prowess doesn’t make for memorable music in the densely overpopulated “modern” and accomplished field. 

Identity is lacking in the sense that for these ears at least very little stands out, but then the era of characters in jazz has long since passed.

The title track opens the programme but fades just after seven minutes when the band’s in full flight, leaving the impression that the listener’s got more than enough to be going on with, according to producer Allen.

The Sky Above Her; Pulsion; Russian Dragon; West Wind; Soar; The World Beneath Her Feet; Lacuna; Thrown Voices; The Playground (Pt. 2) (64.49)
Jon Irabagon (ts); Allen (g); Gary Versace (p, elp); Drew Gress (b); Mark Ferber (d). Brooklyn, New York, 9-10 January 2018.
Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 560