Sissoko, Segal, Parisien, Peirani: Les Égarés

Kora, cello, soprano saxophone and accordion play jazz-tinged world music, creating a cinematic atmosphere


Égarés means “those who have gone astray”. It’s an appropriate definition for these four musicians who have produced an album that is difficult to label but one that is certainly enjoyable to listen to.

Coming together one summer night in June 2019, the quartet formed a sort of musical pact whereby rehearsals should never take precedent over in-the-moment, spontaneous creation of music. The music recorded here puts that philosophy very much front and centre. There is a wonderfully quirky, unique sound in what unfolds. You can sense the way the members of the quartet feed off one another and respond with new bursts of creativity.

The kora produces such a distinctive, beautiful sound, and when it is teamed with accordion, cello and soprano saxophone the results are quite magical. There’s a cinematic feel to the drama and texture of the music – at times sounding like the soundtrack to a European art house movie, with its questioning, slightly eccentric characteristics.

Complementing the imaginative, multi-layered dynamics of the compositions from different members of the group, Les Egares’ performance of Zawinul’s Orient Express is perhaps the standout track, representing everything that this wonderful album stands for when different instruments, cultures and influences come together as one.

Ta Nye; Izao; Amenhotep; Orient Express; La Chanson Des Égarés; Esperanza; Dou; Nomad’s Sky; Time Bum; Banja (54.35)
Ballake Sissoko (kora); Vincent Segal (clo); Emile Parisien (ss); Vincent Peirani (acc, accordina). La Grange des Villarons, 20-26 April 2022.
ACT 9965-2