Jan Lundgren, Lars Danielsson, Emile Parisien: Into The Night

Pianist Lundgren's jazz tenets - good melody, concise rhythm and strong composition - are put into faithful action in a set from Ystad 2020


For the sake of a drummer, this would have been a very different recording, showing the randomness with which wonderful music comes about. Lundgren’s drummer had to cancel an appearance at the 2020 Ystad Jazz Festival due to SARS-CoV-2 restrictions.

Enter saxophonist Emile Parisien to fill the gap, and a very different trio was born. After a short rehearsal, the music that emerged from the live performance can only be described as remarkable. To hear them, you’d think this trio had been together for ages, such is the sense of connection between them.

Lundgren defines jazz as being “about good melody, concise rhythm and strong composition” and that’s certainly what the playlist offers. From gently probing themes from Parisien on soprano, through to some beautiful ballads from Lundgren and sympathetic accompaniment from Danielsson’s bass, this is an engaging and reflective set. There’s also a quirky blues about Lundgren’s dog and a tender, affectionate number dedicated to the Ystad festival itself from Danielsson.

But the standout track for me, representing everything this trio stands for, is Lundgren’s gorgeous ballad I Do. With the simplicity of something that might open one of Clint Eastwood’s later movies, such as The Bridges of Madison County or Gran Torino, it flowers and fades, leaving a strong impression as the last notes die, much like all of the wonderful Into The Night.

Gladjens Blomster; Asta; Preambule; I Do; Schubertauster; A Dog Named Jazze; Into The Night; Ystad (45.14)
Lundgren (p); Emile Parisien (ss); Lars Danielsson (b). The Ystad Sweden Jazz Festival, 1 August 2020.
ACT 9932-2