Lord discography reaches 247k sessions

    Lord in book form

    The latest CD-ROM edition (21.0) of the longstanding Lord discography features 247,298 jazz recording sessions, adding 4,571 sessions since version 19.0.

    The new issue also brings major leader section revisions and other updates, now reaching 51,152 leaders, over 1,423,691 musician entries and over 1,620,501 tune entries.

    It also has an enhanced search facility, permitting a variety of advanced searches, including searching by individual word (e.g. “City”) or a combination of two words (e.g. “Musician” + “Country”).

    The Jazz Discography was first published in printed form, between 1992 and 2001, as 26 sequential volumes. It covers jazz from the 1890s (though some might argue the term was barely defined then) to today.

    Prices for the discography increase by 10% on 1 January 2021 but Lord is offering a 10% discount on orders before 31 December 2020. Those who’ve bought previous editions automatically pay half price but will also get the 10% discount.

    Prices and order details for all formats of the Lord discography (CD-ROM, online and book) are here: http://www.lordisco.com/torder.html