Duncan Eagles: Citizen


Cascade is both the most animated track on this album and the one where the feel of everything having been worked out in advance is slightest.

As with the rest of the programme it’s politely conservative and more than a little polished, thus adding further to the modern jazz repository, wherein supply now surely far outstrips demand.

All the players are inevitably accomplished but their collective sound is that of a group for whom cohesion prevails over the taking of risks.

Indeed as far as I can hear the fire of creativity is only burning very dimly, and the same goes for the fire in the belly.

Citizen; Riad; Conquistador; Shimmer; Folk Song; Taxco; Cascade; Midnight Mass (54.41)
Duncan Eagles (ts, ss); David Preston (g); Matt Robinson (p); Max Luthert (b); Dave Hamblett (d) Clown’s Pocket Studios, UK. No dates.
Ropeadope RAD 443