Chris Pasin, Ornettiquette


Pasin has attempted something rarely done in jazz, presented five Coleman compositions, one by Albert Ayler and a couple of his own lines in a small combo setting similar to the way in which the originals were done. His own “OCDC” pays homage to the Coleman/Cherry style with a straightahead, bouncy flow, generated by bassist Bisio and drummer Sorgen.

Leader Pasin has a particularly bright, shining trumpet sound although Siegel, on alto, is more a curious mixture of Coleman and Eric Dolphy. “Jayne” is a throwback to Coleman’s earliest recordings on Contemporary although here Berger’s vibes are dominant in the solo mix. Ayler’s “Ghosts” is introduced by Ingrid Sertso’s vocal before launching into the jaunty, folksy theme, played first as a conventional sounding vibes workout.

It is tracks like “Tomorrow Is the Question” and “When Will the Blues Leave,” that sound like classic Coleman and are played in similar manner to the composer’s originals. These soloists have their own voices though. Pasin’s clear, bell-like horn shines through the slow ballad “Just for You” impressively and alto man Siegel has a good workout on this one.

There’s interesting use of piano and vibes on these pieces – never favourites of Coleman of course. Everybody has fun on “When Will the Blues Leave”, including Sertso’s cheeky scat vocal and a free-flowing, brassy trumpet sequence by the leader. Overall justice is done to the compositions and the musicians have a ball playing them.

OCDC; Jayne; Ghosts; Tomorrow Is the Question; Just for You; When Will the Blues Leave; Lonely Woman; PTU (48.19)
Pasin (t); Karl Berger (vib, p); Ingrid Sertso (v); Harvey Sorgen (d); Michael Bisio (b); Adam Siegel (as). NYC, 13 March 2018.
Planet Arts 301820