New releases


Geni Barry: Looking Back

The clue is in the title as this collection houses eight tracks by the Barry group recorded between 2001 and 2009. Eight selections were made at the Jazz Cava...

Fosterchild: Dear Earthling


Mike Clark, the Oakland Groove behind Herbie, Chet and Charlie Brown /3

Clark’s time playing for Hancock meant everybody heard him, but it was his playing on the record Thrust and in particular tracks such as Palm Grease and Actual Proof...

Alt. takes 06/20

I’ve been teaching Latin to my homeschooled son and he’s been helping me cut wood. Quid pro quo. Actually I give him more than a quid. It’s surprising how...

Improvisation and discovery

Obituary: David Mossman

Hidden Man – My Many Musical Lives

Hidden? Well, not anymore, if he ever was. He has been well known in music and entertainment circles for many years for his composing, arranging and performing skills. A...

JJ 12/80: Sonny Rollins at Royal Festival Hall

From the opening bars of the first number Sonny Rollins achieved instantaneous rapport with the capacity audience whilst also revealing his complete physical absorption in the act of playing....

Ronnie’s: Ronnie Scott and His World-Famous Jazz Club

Ronnie Scott was, as someone once put it, a very interesting bunch of guys and Oliver Murray has got together a very interesting bunch of guys to build a...