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Mark Dresser Seven: Ain’t Nothing But A Cyber Coup & You

I guess the notion of "chamber jazz" could be traced back to small groups led by the likes of Rex Stewart (in Paris in 1938) and Sidney Bechet /...

Bill Frisell: Harmony


Benny Golson: in the maternity ward /3

Continued from last month and concluding... I brought some records today. Please take a look at this one, it’s Art Blakey & The Jazz Messengers, 1958 – Paris Olympia. Oh, look...

Obituary: John Cumming

British jazz promoter who facilitated first UK visits for numerous American artists and was key in the creation of the Bracknell and London jazz festivals

Obituary: Wallace Roney

Texas Jazz Singer

One of the most jazz-oriented and blues-inflected singers of the swing era, Louise Tobin does not come immediately to mind when reflecting on those years. Although unfair, this is...

Play The Way You Feel


JJ 04/61: In My Opinion – Lennie Felix

This is one of a series of taped interviews with musicians, who are asked to give a snap opinion on a set of records played to them. Although no...

Miles Davis: Birth Of The Cool – the film

Fans of Miles Davis may remember some grainy old footage of the trumpeter shadowboxing in a gym sometime during the mid-1960s. It’s a clip that in previous docs has...