Funkwrench Blues: Soundtrack For A Film Without Pictures

Band including Gary Bartz, Dave Liebman and Bill Evans applies the sounds of Led Zep, Hendrix and jazz fusion to Joseph Campbell's biography


In his profile on Spotify, Funkwrench Blues creator Frank Swart offers the following summary of who he is and what he likes – “born in Boston, got a bass, learned to make records, love Hendrix, Miles, Coltrane and Zeppelin”. He also has a phenomenal work rate, having created and produced over 140 singles that have been released once every two weeks, working with various musicians in different genres.

Soundtrack For A Film Without Pictures is an innovative 13-part soundtrack that defies easy definition. The track titles are based on Joseph Campbell’s Monomyth/The Hero’s Journey. This gives the music a solid foundation in storytelling, with the character central to the music leading an unremarkable life and then being called to action, challenge, adventure, adversity and, finally, return.

Swart’s love of various genres resonates throughout, with heavy, pulsing Led Zeppelin and Hendrix vibes giving some tracks a very psychedelic feel. Jazz-rock fusion of the 1970s drives much of the music, so there is an experimental feel to much of the album as the story of the hero unfolds.

Swart’s approach to creating music is visual – he sees the sounds – so the title for this work seems entirely appropriate. Featuring over 20 musicians, including Gary Bartz, Bill Evans and Dave Liebman, Soundtrack For A Film Without Pictures is a dynamic and at times challenging listen, well reflecting Swart’s eclectic tastes.

The Life; The Call; The Refusal; The Meeting; The Crossing; The Test; The Approach; The Ordeal; The Reward; The Road Back; The Resurrection; The Return; The Credits (58.34)
Frank Swart (b, g, d) and others. No date or location given.