JJ 09/93: Terje Rypdal –  Q.E.D.

Thirty years ago, Graham Colombé observed that the guitarist's latest had more to do with contemporary classical music than jazz. First published in Jazz Journal September 1993


The mixture of electric guitar and chamber music ensemble (strings, flute, bassoon etc.) is interesting but, in spite of Rypdal’s past links with jazz, the sustained, hypnotic textures which dominate here have much more to do with this century’s classical music.

Q.E.D. neverthe­less was performed at the 1991 Molde Jazz Festival and annotator Steve Lake understandably wonders how they managed the second movement, in which the guitar part is recorded back­wards.

Q.E.D. Opus 52 (five movements); Largo Opus 55 (52.44)
Terje Rypdal (elg) and the Borealis Ensemble, conductor Christian Eggen. Oslo, August and December 1991.
(ECM 1474)