Georgie Aué: Desert Cry 

Australian singer redolent of Norah Jones has enlisted some accomplished Perth jazz players to help realise her Brazil-inspired album


Australian pianist, vocalist and songwriter Georgie Aué is back with her third studio album, characterised by the blending of Brazilian and Latin American dance rhythms with the smooth vocal style of Norah Jones.

The opener, Come To Brazil, sets the tone for the album, featuring a range of Brazilian rhythmic grooves and textures. Tracks such as Mr Monte and Cupid also have the same playful and lively character.

Aué’s ability as a songwriter is made apparent on the more lyrical tracks, such as Tonight, Let it Rain and Falling Out Of Love. Inspired by the never-ending summer of Western Australia, the tumultuous journey of finding love and her passion for the environment, her lyrics are often nostalgic and sentimental.

Tonight is particularly reminiscent of Norah Jones, not just lyrically but also in style, sporting a slow tempo and smooth vocals. You might think this track lacks originality until the rich, almost discordant harmonies in the brass remind you that we are still listening to Aué’s playful compositional style.

The four-years-in-the-making album features some of Perth’s finest jazz musicians, including Jeremy Thomson on guitar, Zac Garfton on bass and Daniel Susnjar on drums, as well as a horn section made up of Jessica Carlton on the trumpet and flugel, Tom Greble on the saxophones, and Will Pethick on the trombone. The wide instrumentation makes for a diverse and exciting listen, particularly as the musicians playfully interact with one another as well as with Aué.

Listeners to Aué’s creative and varied new album may well at some point want to dance, to step outside and see the world – or be with those they love.

Come To Brazil; Waiting For You; Desert Cry; Cupid; Tonight; Let It Rain; Falling Out Of Love; Winter’s Sun; Mr Monte (38.00)
Aué (p, v); Jeremy Thomson (g); Zac Grafton (b); Daniel Susnjar (d); Jessica Carlton (t); Tom Greble (ss, ts); Will Pethick (tb). Australia, 2022.