Johanna Linnea Jakobsson: Alone Together

Mixed set from Danish-Swedish saxophonist and singer suggests young Scandinavia still has a healthy regard for the standard repertoire


This is Danish-Swedish saxophonist and vocalist Johanna Linnea Jakobsson’s first own-name album. Stylistically, her instrumental playing is rooted in contemporary jazz sensibilities. Throughout those tracks on which she plays saxophone, she draws in the listener, constantly displaying invention and understanding in her melodic and fluent playing, and always subtly hinting at underlying strengths. Contrastingly, Jakobsson’s singing is casually relaxed and undemanding.

Four of the songs heard here are originals by Jakobsson, the other four being Alone Together by Arthur Schwartz and Howard Dietz, A Single Petal Of A Rose by Duke Ellington and Billy Strayhorn, She’s Leaving Home by John Lennon and Paul McCartney, and Oliver Nelson’s Stolen Moments.

Most of the solos are by Jakobsson and whether playing or singing she is effectively supported by the other instrumentalists rounding out the group. Like the leader herself, they are Scandinavian: pianist Gustaf Rosenberg, guitarist Robin Petersson and drummer John Fernold are Swedish, while bassist Anders Fjeldsted is Danish. Collectively, Jakobsson’s accompanists play well and there are good solos by Rosenberg and Petersson, the latter notably on Alone Together, Itinerant and Stolen Moments, and on the last named Fjeldsted also has a brief solo.

Altogether, a relaxed and pleasing session that offers an opportunity to hear the direction being taken by today’s young Scandinavian jazz musicians.

(2) Alone Together; (1) Itinerant; (2) Anything; (1) Opaque; (2) She’s Leaving Home; (1) Stolen Moments; The Single Petal Of A Rose; (2) Blue (41.12)
(1) Jakobsson (as); Gustaf Rosenberg (p); Robin Petersson (g); Anders Fjeldsted (b); John Fernold (d). Copenhagen, 21-23 June 2021. (2) as (1) except Jakobsson (v).
AMP Music & Records ATO 112