High Pulp: Pursuit Of Ends 

Experimental LA-based collective blends acoustic and electric instruments and features guests Brandee Younger and Theo Croker


LA-based experimental collective High Pulp release their latest album, Pursuit Of Ends, a complex and contemporary jazz recording. Having formed through a regular jam session in Seattle, the ensemble released their debut album Bad Juice in 2018.

Beginning with a bright, synth-led instrumental titled Ceremony, the band moves through a complex horn-section arrangement before saxophone solos appear over the swirling electronic background. The second track, All Roads Lead To Los Angeles, is similar in style, but slightly uptempo, with the addition of clean electric guitar and a synth, drum and saxophone breakdown featuring saxophonist Jaleel Shaw. The third track, Blaming Mercury, begins with electric guitar, and opens up into a wide and lush soundscape, with overlapping horn melodies and a laid-back but complex drum groove.

As well as containing their usual lineup, Pursuit Of Ends also features a number of guest musicians. Harpist Brandee Younger features on Wax Hands, offering a fast, sporadic accompaniment to the swirling soundscape. On keyboards, Jacob Mann adds a fusionesque solo to the offbeat electronic groove of the seventh track, Kamishinjo. On the final track, You’ve Got To Pull It Up From The Ground, after an intense drum solo intro, Grammy-nominated trumpeter Theo Croker plays a delicate melody alongside the rest of the horn section over a gentle, keyboard-led piece.

Pursuit Of Ends is a fresh and exciting album from an up-and-coming ensemble, with a vast array of instruments creating a dense and engaging atmosphere. The creativity and vision of the group stand out.

Ceremony; All Roads Lead To Los Angeles; Blaming Mercury; Window To A Shimmering World; Chemical X; A Ring On Each Finger; Kamishinjo; Inner Crooner; Wax Hands; You’ve Got To Pull It Up From The Ground (40.47)
Antoine Martel (kyb, syn); Jaleel Shaw, Andrew Morrill (as); Bobby Granfelt (d, pc); Rob Homan, Jacob Mann (kyb, syn); Victory Ngyuen (f, ss, ts); Brandee Younger (hp); Theo Croker (t); Alex Dugdale (bcl, ts); Scott Rixon (b); Gehrig Uhles (g); Greg Kramer, Isaac Poole (tb); Jerome Smith (tb, tu). Los Angeles, no date.
ANTI- Records