The May Fall Crew: Overload


Pianist May Fall leads The May Fall Crew in an exciting, varied album of modern jazz, with a heavy pop and funk influence. Joined by Niv Majar on drums, Itay Tsarfati on bass, and several appearances from Ido Rubin on guitar, the group create a strong album with great variety. 

The opener, Mental Maze, is a fast, almost virtuosic piece led by Fall on the piano, with the rhythm section keeping a steady groove. Following this, the second track Old Memories maintains the instrumentation, but is much more pop-orientated, with added string section and electric keyboard. However, the atmosphere shifts dramatically with the album’s highlight Mood Swinger. Bringing in keyboards, electric guitar, and vocals, the trio is lifted into the realms of jazz fusion, funk and pop which recalls the work of bands like Jamiroquai or The Brand New Heavies – polished, but with a raw edge. It’s an excellent piece, May’s vocals leading before a gritty solo from guitarist Rubin.

The May Fall Crew then return to the trio format, led clearly by Fall’s expert piano playing. The fifth track, Spaceport, is full of dynamic rhythmic changes, superbly demonstrating a vast number of styles. The sound of the album continues to jump back and forth, with the penultimate track, Overload, using keyboards and synth-esque arpeggios to create a thoroughly 80s fusion sound.

The record label, ReFeel Music Group, has released all of Fall’s music, though this is his first with The May Fall Crew. Overload is definitely worth checking out for fans of jazz piano, fusion and more pop-influenced funk.

Mental Maze; Old Memories; Mood Swinger; Deflection; Spaceport; Indifferent; Express Train; Alma Oscura; Time Expander; Recharge; Overload; Oblivious To The Obvious (38.53)
May Fall (p, kyb, v); Niv Majar (d); Itay Tsarfati (b); Ido Rubin (g). New York, no date.
ReFeel Music Group RCD0119