Judi Silvano & the Zephyr Band: Lessons Learned


For a number of years, Silvano has been at the forefront of innovative jazz singing. Often in collaboration with husband Lovano, she performs from her New York City base, playing clubs and concerts and making numerous albums. A gifted songwriter, Silvano has written words and music for all 10 songs heard here.

These songs draw upon aspects of the composer’s own life and experience although in all cases these can be understood and appreciated by the listener who is thus far from being an outsider. Silvano’s sound is warm and mature, bringing to these songs depth and hints of melancholy that are counterbalanced by hope. Some of the lyrics are gently musing, some wryly witty; all show understanding of different aspects of the human condition.

All of Silvano’s accompanists are skilled, Kolker’s bass clarinet being especially effective in sustaining instrumentally the overall mood of this set. He is especially notable on “Dark Things” and “Hand and Heart”. In a change of mood, a Latin touch is heard on “After Love”, which features guitarist Wessell.

I don’t usually quote lengthy excerpts from accompanying publicity material, but on this occasion I will: “By reflecting upon her own individual experiences, Silvano has been observing the consciousness of society as a whole and hopes her perspective will encourage empathy in others towards their communities.” Without question, this singer-songwriter has succeeded in her ambitions for this excellent set of contemporary music.

Round and Round; You Will Know; Dark Things; Castle Song; Dust; Hand and Heart; After Love; Shuffle and Sway; Riding a Zephyr; The Music’s in My Body (60.36)
Silvano (v); Joe Lovano (ts); Adam Koller (ts, ss, bcl); Kenny Wessell (g); Bruce Arnold (processed g); Retzo B. Harris (b); Bob Meyer (d); Todd Isler (pc). NYC, 2018.
Unit Records 4868