JJ Index 1950

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“Tin Roof Blues” – Discography. Michael R McGeagh220
“Treasury of the Blues”. Ed. by W.C. Handy315
Allen, Barclay1013
American Jazz Scene. Floyd LevinMonthly
Armstrong, Louis1cover
Armstrong, Louis – in Europe. Carlos de Radzitzky16
Ash, Marvin1013
Barnum and Ulanov Blues. Ernest Borneman1117
Beadle, Len – Imperial Jazz Band68
Bechet, Sidney – in the days of Nick’s. Kay C.Thompson61
Beiderbecke, Bix. Armand Hug1215
Bix – Hardy Story. Armand Hug1215
Bonano, Sharkey – Kings of Jazz. Dave Dexter71
Bop – from Feb. Maurice Burman Brunswick. Special issue Editorial 2/2Monthly
Brunswick – special issue22
Campbell, Brun44
Carpenter, Ike1014
Carter, Benny – Year in Britain, Les Mallows18
Cavanaugh, Page1014
Cole, Cozy3cover
Collector’s Stuff. John Davis & Gray ClarkeMonthly
Columbia – American Records No.2. Brian Rust3 & 4
Crane River Jazz Band129
Dodds, Baby8cover
Dodds, Baby. Kay C. Thompson81
Drums. Alan Stevens & Harry Giltrap32
Duke, The – At the Half Century Mark. Albert S Otto212
Eldridge – at the Club St. Germain. J E Silvester101
Ellington and Goodman Visit Switzerland. Arthur Goepfart712
Ellington, Duke212
Estes, Sleepy John – short discography. D. Stewart-Baxter13
Firehouse Five, The11cover
Fischer, Carl1014
Garner, Erroll83
Gennett – American Records No. 5 Good Queen Bess. Brian Rust8 & 9
Good Queen Bess. Harry Giltrap917
Goodman, Benny712
Greco, Buddy83
Haig, Al72
Hardy, Emmet1215
Hawkins, Coleman6cover
Hines, Earl2cover
Hug, Armand 83
Huggin’ the Keys. Armand Hug716
Importance of Being Ernest, The. Steve Race610
Jazz at the Princes23
Jazz at the Winter Gardens. Stanley Dance12
Jazzin’ Babies Blues – Discography. Michael R McGeagh220
Jones, Jimmy1115
Kenton, Stan – the New Band. Albert S. Otto52
Kral, Roy1115
Lacy, Joyce1115
Legend Is Born, A. Floyd Levin91
Let’s Go Junk Shopping. Brian Rust1217
Levy, Lou72
Lightly and PolitelyMonthly
Lion and Others in Switzerland, The. Arthur Goepfert55
Listing of Ragtime Recordings, A. Dave Carey26
Looking Back. James Asman63
Mannone, Joseph, ‘Wingy’ – Discography. Bert Whyatt916
Mannone, Joseph, ‘Wingy’ – Discography. Bert Whyatt1015
Mannone, Wingy9cover
Marable, Fate. Frank Skerret 121
Miley, Bubber – Discography. G Helliwell & P Taylor813
Mitchell, George – Discography. Dave Cable618
Modern Music – monthly from June. Maurice BurmanMonthly
Monk, Sonny – and his Dixielanders114
New Orleans – Yesterday and Today. John A Provenzano57
New Stan Kenton Band, The. Otto, Albert S.52
New York News – and Jottings. Chas. Snape3 & 5
Okeh, Part 1 – American Records No.3. Brian Rust514
Okeh, Part 2 – American Records No.3. Brian Rust613
One Sweet Letter From You – monthlv featureMonthly
Ory, Kid and Brun Campbell4cover
Other Side of the Picture, The – monthly featureMonthly
Paramount – American Records No.4 Brian Rust718
Parenti, Tony10cover
Parenti, Tony – Dixieland Scrapbook. Kay C Thompson1010
Parker, Knocky72
Perfect – American Records No. 7. Brian Rust113
Peterson, Oscar84
Pictorial History of Jazz – cartoon series from July. Gavin T Lyall719
Preachin’ the Blues – monthly feature. Derrick Stewart-Baxter13
Ragtime Recordings, A Listing of. Dave Carey26
Ragtime Vs the Blues. Kay C Thompson111
Rowles, Jimmy83
Sbarbaro, Tony. John R.T. Davies316
Sleepy John Estes – short discography. D.Stewart-Baxter13
Smith, Bessie917
Some Present Day Pianists – from July. Frank Skerret72
Teagarden, Jack7cover
This Year’s Crop. Les Mallows123
Tristano, Lennie72
V-Disc Catalogue – Parts X,XI,XII. Dave Mylne1, 2, 4
Victor – American Records No.1. Pts 1&2. Brian Rust1 & 2
Vocalion – American Records No.6. Brian Rust1012
Waller, Fats51
Waller, Fats5cover
West Coast Jazz Scene. Floyd Levin34
Words on Wolves318
Worth A SpinMonthly
Xmas design12cover