Gilles Peterson, Lionel Loueke: HH Reimagined

DJ Peterson and guitarist Loueke reframe Herbie Hancock tunes, adding club rhythms, loops, crashes, yells, guitars and hypnotic drumming


Reimagined is certainly the right word for these interpretations of some of Herbie Hancock’s compositions. Broadcaster and DJ Peterson has teamed up with Benin-born musician Lionel Loueke to offer a unique take on Hancock’s work.

Club rhythms, loops, crashes, yells, guitars (often sampled and distorted) and hypnotic drumming combine across this short collection of tracks. The original material is often hard to pick out under this barrage of sound. Lack of variation in how the material has been reimagined also makes this a challenging listen.

It’s never dull, always full of energy and creative ideas, but after repeated listens I have to admit I still don’t know quite what to make of it. Available only on vinyl and as a download.

One Finger Snap Version; Watermelon Man Version; Driftin’ Version; Hang Up Your Hang Ups Version; Tell Me A Bedtime Story Version, Butterfly Version (25.59)
Peterson (arr); Loueke (g). 2022.
Edition Records EDN1175