The George Khan Quartet: London improvising veteran back on stage

    The saxophonist comes together with longstanding collaborators Mike Figgis, Terry Day and Charlie Hart in London this Friday

    London saxophone veteran George Khan takes the stage again

    The impeccably attired multi-instrumentalist and composer George Khan has been part of the British music scene since the mid 60s, few in the world of jazz and theatre, according to the Wire’s Andy Robson, “matching his creativity, let alone his longevity”. This week he’s back on the boards again with his equally distinguished quartet.

    Through his work with the People Band – a group formed through collaboration with the experimental theatre collective People Show, George met Mike Figgis, Terry Day and Charlie Hart, who now form the quartet.

    The People Band, known for being at the forefront of the improvised music movement, broke up in 1972. But many of the members kept in touch. In the meantime Khan became a permanent member of People Show, which enabled him to write and play music. At the same time he fulfilled his childhood ambition of becoming a tailor.

    Figgis, also a member of People Show, went on to become a Hollywood director. Charlie Hart and other members of The People Band appeared in Figgis’s film Stormy Monday and his most famous film Leaving Las Vegas, which earned him an Oscar nomination. Meanwhile, Terry Day worked during this time with musicians such as Evan Parker and John Tchicai.

    Throughout their time together and during various stints, The People Band have performed in venues including King’s Place, the Royal Opera House, Café Oto and The Vortex as well as most recently at Berlin’s Exploratorium. This upcoming performance is in the relaxed surroundings of Toynbee Studios (artsadmin) Arts Bar & Café, a venue which is around a mile from where Khan grew up and round the corner from Petticoat Lane Market where his mother had a stall.

    The George Khan Quartet: 8pm on Friday 27th September 2019 at Toynbee Studios Arts Bar & Café. Tickets:

    This article was produced with the assistance of the promoter.