Laura Zakian: Minor Moments


This EP was written following a bleak period in vocalist Laura Zakian’s life when she suffered from melancholic depression that lasted over a year. Now fully recovered she wrote the lyrics of the five songs and the music was supplied by Martyn Pyne who is heard playing percussion on the tracks.

The songs are highly personal and at times raw in their emotive power. Laura sings them with conviction, sympathetically supported by Steve Lodder on piano, husband Paul Bartholomew, who contributes crusty baritone sax interjections, and a taut but free-flowing rhythm section. Laura has been a consummate interpreter of classic standard material, and this is her first exploration of music where she has supplied the lyrics.

The title track is an exercise in clear, sensitive interpretation of a painful experience and it is performed with integrity and deep pain remembered, Lodder’s backing and solos right in tune with the singer’s delicate mood.

Silence and loneliness are explored in depth in Here Comes The Fall, Lodder again showing great sensitivity. Plainsong, ending this recital, recalls past pleasures and the joy of discovery of first meeting her partner Paul Bartholomew and brightens the mood with optimism for the future.

Melancholic, moving music performed with sensitivity by all.

Nobody Knows; Dreaming Life; Minor Moments; Here Comes The Fall; Plainsong (23.00)
Zakian (v); Steve Lodder (p); Simon Thorpe (b); Nic France (d); Paul Bartholomew (bar); Martin Pyne (pc) London 2018 & 24 2 2019.