Butcher Brown: Camden Session


American five-piece Butcher Brown (horn player Marcus Tenney is the fifth member), perform what’s referred to as “hip-hop-inflected funk”. The four tracks on this enjoyable preview CD give funk the upper hand. “Fiat”, driven by wah-wah guitar and Fonville’s muscular drumming, wouldn’t seem out of place on a 70s detective show soundtrack. The hip-hop influence is more apparent on “Street Pharmacy“: the cool “Camden Square” is more soulful and the funky “918″ lets all five players solo impressively, with Tenney a standout on trumpet. Camden Session was recorded direct-to-disc at Gearbox and will be released as a six-track vinyl album.

Devonne Harris (kyb); Morgan Burrs (elg); Andrew Randazzo (b); Corey Fonville (d) and others. London, date of recording not given.
Gearbox 1545