Jazz Side Of The Moon: The Music Of Pink Floyd

The 2007 set that laid jazz from Seamus Blake, Sam Yahel, Mike Moreno and Ari Hoenig over classic prog-rock tunes gets a vinyl reissue


It’s been quite a while since I listened to Dark Side Of The Moon and I deliberately avoided digging out my LP of that album before listening to this one. After all, I never feel I have to listen to Cherokee or I Got Rhythm before playing a bop album.

Three tunes from Dark Side are omitted (Speak To Me, Us And Them, and Eclipse) but what is included still illustrates the range and quality of the Floyd’s compositions, and Yahel & Co treat these with respect whilst developing them way beyond the original treatments.

It’s one of those projects that purists might not regard as jazz but merely jazz-influenced, although I’d argue it goes to show how effectively and stimulatingly jazz has absorbed and transformed elements of popular music (and other genres, such as the echoes of minimalism on Time and The Great Gig) just as it has always done. Certainly the first-rate solos, from the elegant and atmospheric to the funky and bluesy, should satisfy the most conservative stickler.

The album was originally released in February 2008 and is now reissued in digital download form and as an LP. It is the vinyl version that I have reviewed, and the sound is excellent. I believe the download includes an additional take of On The Run.

Breathe; On The Run; Time; Any Colour You Like; The Great Gig In The Sky; Money; Brain Damage (43.20)
Seamus Blake (ts); Sam Yahel (org); Mike Moreno (g, elg); Ari Hoenig (d). St. Peter’s Episcopal Church, NYC 11-12 2007.
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