Gerry Hemingway: Afterlife

Avant-garde drummer turns singer-songwriter, performing his spiky, jazz-rock styled compositions with such as Christy Doran and Ralph Alessi


Seasoned drummer Gerry Hemingway has mainly spent his career in the company of adventurous musicians. Afterlife, released on his own label, sees him pursuing a very personal project. While not totally left field it’s not a direction many who follow his work would have expected.

From the press release we understand he may have always harboured a desire to investigate the possibilities the role of singer-songwriter might offer him, and the nine tunes here are a fulfilment of that curiosity.

His voice may not be a thing of great beauty but all his original lyrics are delivered with feeling and conviction, against a background which varies from track to track. Only The Long March finds him in solo performance.

This is probably one of those releases where only the main man will really understand whether or not it achieves its goals. It is only likely to appeal to those looking for something completely different from this highly accomplished musician. It is also available on vinyl and via the normal streaming services.

(1) The Creeks Do Rise; (2) I Can’t Stay Here Any Longer; (3) Wake Up: (4) Love Me As I Am; (5) Losing Hand; (6) The Long March; (7) Junkyard Magic; (8) Missing You; (9) Such Sweet Wonder (44.58)
(1) Gerry Hemingway (v, d, sampler); Earl Howard (syn). 2020-2022.
(2) as (1) but Hemingway (v, g, d, sampler) and omit Howard add Florestan Berset (elg).
(3) as (1) but omit Howard, add Sebastian Strinning (ts).
(4) as (1) but omit Howard, add Linda Egli (vn); Banz Oester (b).
(5) as (1) but Hemingway (v, g, b, d) and omit Howard add Christy Doran (g, elg).
(6) as (1) but omit Howard.
(7) as (1) but Hemingway (v, sound montage, d, pc, g); Michael Moore (as, cl); Wolfgang Zwiauer (b); Ralph Alessi (t); Hannah Wirnsperger (f).
(8) as (1) but Hemingway (v, g, d); Berset (g, elg); Oester (b).
(9) as (1) but Hemingway (v, d, sampler); Manuel Troller (g).
Auricle Records AUR-19