Jason Rebello & Tim Garland: Life To Life

Two veterans of the 1980s jazz revival mix groove, reverie and rhapsody in a duet that sounds fuller than piano and reeds might suggest


Pianist Jason Rebello and multi-reedsman Tim Garland were students together at London’s Guildhall School of Music some 30 years ago, and have been friends ever since, yet this is their first collaboration. They might only form a duo, but the tonal variety of Garland’s reeds, and Rebello’s musical range makes them sound like a larger outfit.

The opener, Two To Go, benefits from Rebello’s infectious vamp, Garland in R&B groove throughout, while Soul Resonance is a wistful, tenor-led reverie with a beautiful piano response, the two pieces embodying the individual strengths of the two musicians.

Elsewhere, Garland’s One Morning stands out for its arresting melody, brought out best in Rebello’s rich solo, while Rebello’s own No Hope No Tears benefits from Garland’s agile bass-clarinet outing.

The pieces are all theirs, except Chick Corea’s Children’s Song and the traditional folk song Black Is The Colour. Children’s Song is a homage to the late pianist with whom Garland played some years back. Garland plays this on the rarely heard sopranino saxophone in acknowledgment of Corea’s love of flute-like instruments, giving the piece a suitably whimsical feel.

Black Is The Colour (Of My True Love’s Hair) ends proceedings in quiet contemplation, Garland’s bass clarinet and the answering dreamy piano bringing out the aching beauty of the song. A fine ending to a surprisingly strong set.

Two To Go; Soul Resonance; The Missing Ingredient; This Morning; No Hope No Tears; Fire Of Benevolence; Children’s Song No 6; As Free As The River; Samali For Peace; Black Is The Colour (54.50)
Garland (ts, ss, sps, bcl); Rebello (p). Essex, spring/summer 2022.
Whirlwind Recordings WR4799