Roger Mas: Segles Lligats


Mas is known in Catalunya as a leading singer/songwriter who has also published poems.

He prefers his own guitar accompaniment for his songs but has for some time had an alternative identity as a jazz pianist. He’s now in his mid-40s and this is his first collection of piano solos.

Segles Lligats means “linked centuries” and could well be an acknowledgement of Debussy whose music spanned the 19th and 20th centuries and whose spirit seems clear in this elegant, melodic music from a century later. There’s a distinct pastoral flavour confirmed by the rural landscapes on the booklet.

The jazz background is evident in the steady rhythms and some improvisation but there’s no hint here of blues asperity or rhythmic displacement and it’s hard to see any reason for jazz enthusiasts to investigate further unless they have a particular interest in this artist.

Canco Per L’aine; Creenca; Teixits; Mediona; Anem; Pasqua Florida; Griet; Trinitat; Punt Cardinal; Mestratge; Harmonia De Las Esferes; El Jardi De Maria Elena; Segles Lligats; Escola Magna; Epiqueia (65.29)
Mas (p). Girona, 20 January 2017.
Fresh Sound New Talent FSNT 562