Simon Vincent’s The Occasional Trio: Live In Berlin


Simon Vincent’s latest album, released on his own label, Vision Of Sound, is a collection of live recordings from two shows at the Schlot Jazz Club, Berlin. A mixture of tracks from previous albums as well as new compositions, it offers great variety, from fast, lively pieces such as the opening Blues In Fink, to reserved, thoughtful ballads such as Every Moment Of Every Day.

Vincent cites one influence as Thelonious Monk, and this can certainly be heard across the album, particularly through some of the chord voicings and dissonant passing notes in Carousel and Portsmouth Blue. 

The Occasional Trio consists of Vincent, bassist Roland Fidezius, and drummer and new addition to the band, Kay Lübke. Lübke opens the fourth track, Well, You Shouldn’t (Monk again) with a dynamic and energetic improvisation before being joined by the band in a quick, angular bebop style composition.

On bass Fidezius provides calm, minimalistic rhythm on Raindrops In June, as well as complex walking-bass lines on Tender Love and Sweedad’s Pastry. The trio is able to shift style and mood suddenly between tracks, and the result is an enjoyable and engaging recording.

The interplay between the three musicians is very accomplished, and the standard of musicianship is high throughout. Considering that the album was recorded live, the dynamics and balance are great as each instrument ebbs and flows throughout. Fans of the traditional piano trio format will enjoy this release, as it mixes both the classic and the contemporary very well.

Blues In Fink; Tender Love; I Can See You Now; Well, You Shouldn’t; Sweedad’s Pastry; Raindrops In June; Carousel; Prayer Unto The People And Unto The Land; Every Moment Of Every Day; Announcement And Trio Introductions; Portsmouth Blue (68.21)
Vincent (p); Roland Fidezius (b); Kay Lübke (d). Berlin, 27 November 2018 and 9 April 2019.
Vision Of Sound VOSCD-005