Dave Foxall

Based in Barcelona, Dave is a freelance writer and lifelong music nerd for whom scribbling about sounds provides a relief and counterbalance to daytime commercial necessities. He will now stop writing about himself in the third person. I was seduced away from prog rock and heavy metal by gifts from friends and colleagues, including Hal Willner’s Weird Nightmare – Meditations on Mingus, Dolphy’s Out to Lunch and, more conventionally, Rollins’ Tenor Madness and of course Kind of Blue. Now teetering on the borderlands of free improvisation and pure sound, it’s been a strange journey, with no end yet in sight. I write about "jazz, free improvisation & cacophony", including the Barcelona scene, on my blog but penning reviews for JJ offers a connection to those much-loved jazz sounds, although I must confess to constantly leaning towards the Scandinavian and outré.

Red Kite: Red Kite

Anguish: Anguish


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