Dave Jones: Crime Scenes And Subterfuge

Convincing film-noir compositions provide vehicles for jazz improvisation from piano, guitar, saxophone, trumpet and bass


This is a 10-track download of themes suitable for use on TV, film and general drama productions. Dave Jones has set up an electronic framework for solos by guitarist Tim Rose, reed player Ben Waghorn, trumpeter Andy Hague and Ashley John Young on bass.

Hague doubles on drums with overdubs and the music is played as a collective enterprise. All put together during the recent lockdowns, including the composition, recording and production, it provided some work for musicians where practically none existed.

The music is certainly the sort of film-noir sounds heard frequently on movie soundtracks dating back to the 1940s. Sultry Yet Sinister is all of that with moody trumpet and blues-based keyboard work prominent. All these tracks are played with dark, sinister chords and rhythm prominent. Ashley John Young’s bass is up front and dominant in a sombre, atmospheric manner and when he is not playing tightly muted or moody trumpet, Andy Hague dubs in or plays drums on certain pieces. His trumpet work here is tightly controlled with a sturdy, edgy, emotive tone on most selections.

Listening to these melancholic themes it was easy to picture a trench-coated Humphrey Bogart slipping down a dark side street accompanied by this music. It is, I believe, intended for use in TV drama or films and is certainly ideal for that purpose.

Heist Time; Punitive Measures; Downtown Rendezvous; Clandestine Meeting; Mysterious Stranger; Sultry, Yet Sinister; Street Case; Sunday Hangout; Wasteland Intrigue; Wistful Memories (27.32)
Jones (kyb); Tim Rose (elg); Ben Waghorn (ts, as, bar); Andy Hague (t, d); Ashley John Young (b). c. 2020/21
Cues 4 U 285