Abekejser: Floating Through The Universe


Future jazz, jazztronica, jazz pop: the young quintet Abekejeser are hard to pin down but their catchy, party-time jazz with a positive attitude is proving popular in their native Denmark.

It’s certainly a futuristic line-up – at least for the sort of shiny, chromium-plated future envisaged by bands like Daft Punk, Hot Chip or (for older listeners) Yello. Conventional electric guitar and kit drum are augmented by a drum machine and there’s bass synth as well as electric keys.

And if I tell you that lead singer Jon Dossing Bendixen uses a vocoder to repeatedly implore listeners to “just move your feet” and that the tunes have titles like Robomance and Cybergenics you’ll get the idea.

Not that this is novelty music. Rather, Abekejser have put together some crunchy short-form material and packaged it in punchy arrangements to make very more-ish Euro ear candy.

Nitro Nemesis; Magical; Wushu Dance; Robomance; Floating Through The Universe; Nocturnal; Observer; Cybergenics; Warpad
Jon Dossing Bendixen (kyb, v); Jeppe Lavsen (g); Frederik Emil Bulow (d); Rasmus Fisker (d m/c); Adrian Christensen (b). Denmark, 2019.
AMP Music ATO54