Cyrille Aimée: Move On


The subtitle “A Sondheim Adventure” is a bit of a giveaway in that all the tracks were written by the famous Stephen of that name.

When I Get Famous, the opening track, has Cyrille scatting around the surface of the lyrics with a backing of vocal chorus. Take Me To The World is a bit more straight ahead with jazz combo and trumpet interjections from Wayne Tucker.

She soon reverts back to scatting with the band cruising along behind her. Love I Hear is sung in similar manner to the way a musical theatre vocalist would do it which, on consideration, is about the only way to do a song like this.

Much of the rest of this material is sung and played in musical theatre style with the occasional jazz piano, trumpet or guitar solo thrown in.

Ms Aimée has a distinctive voice with an intimate sound but the jazz content of her performance here is considerably limited. If you are into musical shows and/or the music of Sondheim, this is for you. Otherwise forget it.

When I Get Famous; Take Me To The World; Love I Hear; Loving You; Marry Me A Little; Being Alive; So Many People; Not While I’m Around; They Ask Why I Believe In You; No One Is Alone; Un Baiser D’adieu; I Remember; Move On; With So Lille To Be Sure Of (39.26)
Aimée (v); with large jazz ensemble and string section including Wayne Tucker (t); Jeremy Bruyere (b, elb); Yoann Serra (d); Ralph Lavital (elg). Paris, April-May 2018.
Mack Avenue 1144